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A Suggested List:

Benmore is an activity centre and there is a distinct possibility of getting wet and muddy on some activities! So the emphasis is on plenty of old, warm clothing – and please bring poly bags to pack wet stuff when you leave.  Layers are best. This list is only a guide. No mobile phones and we advise AGAINST bringing valuables such as Nintendos etc. Also please do not bring any aerosols which can cause allergic reactions and can sometimes set off fire alarms.
  • a day bag or poly bag for the bus journey with packed lunch, drink, snack
  • luggage you can carry yourself, on your own
  • 5 warm, thick, old sweaters/fleeces/sweatshirts (layers are best)
  • 5 tops/t-shirts
  • 5 pairs of trousers (preferably old and loose-fitting or ‘stretchy’) or tracksuit trousers
  • Many socks including at least 5 pairs of thick socks
  • thick tights, long johns (if you have them) for use in winter
  • trainers, 2 pairs – including an old pair to get wet
  • indoor shoes/ slippers
  • welllington boots (if you wish)
  • gloves and a woolly hat
  • swimming costume (summer and winter)
  • underwear, nightwear
  • change of clothing for the evening (including flat heeled shoes i.e. do not
    bring shoes with pointed heels)
  • something to wear for the disco on Thursday night

and also

  • water bottle ESSENTIAL
  • pencils etc in a pencil case
  • a book to read (before lights out or if you wake up early)
  • purse/wallet with money in change –  £10 is suggested though £5 is adequate. There is a good selection of souvenirs. (We will limit children to one purchase of sweets per evening and would discourage families from packing lots of sweet treats.)
  • 2 towels, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant (no aerosols),
  • hairbrush/ comb
  • torch ESSENTIAL
  • an inexpensive watch
    camera, preferably disposable, if you wish
  • any medicine you might have to take (with an EE2b form) including travel sickness
  • medication
  • lip salve
  • moisturiser
Postcards are sold with a stamp included in the price. (Make sure you know your address and postcode if you wish to send a postcard or letter.)
Bring plastic bags to pack away wet clothes.


What does Benmore provide?

Benmore provides all bed-linen (but not towels), waterproofs, boots, rucksack
and specialist equipment for fieldwork, climbing etc.